Finally Blooming at 26!

I've always been conscious about my size, especially especially living in the Philippines where people are generally petite and slim. Standing at 5’ 6” with broad shoulders and thick limbs makes me larger than even most men. I’ve always had to deal with matronly clothes, office suits and other grandma-inspired outfits (Those were the only “feminine” clothes that fit. Need I mention my baggy jeans and oversized T-shirts phase?)—all at the tender age of 10.

Imagine that…or better yet, don’t.

Finding myself, (Took too long in my opinion!) and my waist (an AHA moment!) was a revelation! I was looking at a US-based online store when google came up with blogs of plus-sized ladies. These inspiring blogs changed my perspective on wearing fashionable clothes with confidence and looking good without having to be stick-thin or living in the US where plus-size sections are more available. There the desire to be as ‘fatbulous’ as these lovely ladies was born.

This blog will hopefully be a great beginning for this belated bloomer to express herself! Being a rebound blogger who’s been out of blogging for at least five years has made me realize just how scary it is to be this revealing about my thoughts and opinions. But at the same time, I also know how truly liberating it is to be able to voice out to the unknown world, and find new friends going through the same things you do.

Even now, I’m usually seen in “safe” tops and jeans, still shying away from the more revealing or attention-grabbing pieces that I’ve bought and never had the guts to wear. But I guess it’s time for my never-worn, long-stored skirts and dresses to see the light of day. In a few months, I’m turning 27 and it’s a now or never kind of thing for me.

So watch out world! Chunky legs are coming your way!

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