Hot and Cold


Blue Cut-out Top: Get Laud
Camel Synthetic Leather Jacket: Forever 21 Plus+
Leggings: Random
Black Suede Flat Boots: Lower East End-Payless
Bracelets: Bazaar
Silver Belt: SM Accessories

With the intense summer heat, my friends and I decided to try out "Ice Bar" in Antipolo, which claims to be the first bar in the country that is completely made of ice. Ice counters, ice shotglasses, ice barstools and icy drinks. At least that's what the photos said they'd look like... I was already thinking of winter jackets, scarves and thermal wear when a friend of mine who had more of a nightlife told me that Antipolo bars were not so sosyal (posh?) and the rest of the bar could possibly not even be air-conditioned. 

So I decided to play it safe and wear the blue cut-out top that would not make me sweat too much, just in case the bar was al fresco. And just in case the bar turned out cold, I decided to bring my new synthetic camel-leather jacket from Forever 21. And I wore my black suede boots. Just because I've been wanting to wear it out for so long, but didn't want people to think I was weather-confused. Haha!

Well, turned out all the hype was for nothing. The "Ice Bar" was a small room the size of an ordinary washroom with only a block of ice (good for only two butts) to seat people. Then there was half the butterfly sculpture melting back into becoming a caterpillar. And squarish ice blocks that were drilled in the center to serve as shot glasses. (We even doubted the cleanliness of the water used for the ice shotglasses.) And...and nothing else.

FAIL. All the excitement for an exaggerated walk-in chiller.

Oh well, at least I got to wear my boots and jacket for a night out. Haha!

Belated Bloomer


  1. Like your blog a lot!!! Check mine we could follow both on Bloglovin & GFC!!! xoxo from Rome


  2. your jackets are stunning!!!! super! :)))


  3. Hey, gorgeous! Thanks for dropping by my blog :) Love that cut-out shoulders top, you rock it well!


  4. Hello, I love your outfit, the combination of colors is perfect!
    I am following you now.
    If you can visit me :)

  5. HA! Wow, but at least you got a funny story out of the experience. And the cut-out top looks fantastic on you :)
    xx, micol


    1. Thanks Micol! Let's just say I paid for the experience. :)

  6. haha, what an experience!! At ice bars they make you wear these stinky parka things to go in that have been worn by 1000000000000's of people and make you feel so dirty when you're wearing them. It's freezing in there and everything is really made of ice. I love that they had only a bench made of ice and some sculptures. But it's a funny story, and you looked AMAZING!!! I love the cut-out top! It's such a unique shirt and the color suits you really well. And the color of the jacket is quite nice as well!!


    1. Oh, they didn't have parkas but they did have big winter jackets that I opted not to use. I was shivering inside the room but I said I didn't need the jackets they were lending. Hehe.

  7. What a shame that the ice bar was a letdown, especially since it's been so warm out, but you still looked really cute - I love your blue cutout top!

  8. haha - I have always wanted to try out an ice bar... sorry to hear that yours was a flop! But I love the outfit you wore... shoulder cut outs are so chic!

  9. I just love the cut outs in this top - gives it an edgy and sexy vibe!


  10. LOVE that top - the shoulder cut outs are so cute!

    The Other Side of Gray

  11. Love that jacket! Great color on you :)

  12. lovely jacket! aww... Sad to hear that. hopefully you guys got to make the most out of your time there! They used to have an ice bar (eski bar) here in Singapore but i think it's now closed down for good. xx

  13. Even though the ice bar trip was a fail, at least you got to wear a cute outfit :)

    xoxo Jacquie


  14. I love this outfit, those colors look great on you <3
    wanna follow each other?
    Sabrilett's Armoire

  15. Your cut out top is so edgy and cute! This ice bar sounds hilarious, where I live (in the BURBS) we don't have anything like that, maybe when I hit 21 I'll venture out to find an ice bar, lol. Love the concept of this blog, very cool and yes, better late than never! Thank you so so much for visiting my blog, hopefully I'll see you back soon!



    1. Hi Genie, go to a big hotel, ask if they have a walk-in chiller and try to visit. That's the kind of ice bar we walked into. So not worth it. :P Haha! Thanks for dropping by!

  16. hi, where did you buy your suede boots? I've been to SM Manila payless store but they only have leather boots for size 6.

    I have a fashion blog too. http://purerunway.blogspot.com

    1. Hi! I got them from SM Megamall, but it was months and months ago. Not sure if they still have them.

  17. Looking good Abi! Cute boots!


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