Gold and Black Dilemma

These past few weeks have not been rough on me. My work stress has quadrupled due to a certain unscrupulous someone and sometimes, I just feel like leaving it all and quitting. Buuut, that's not really an option. So what's a girl to do when overwhelmed with so much negativity?


The Cheesesteak Shop

I asked the family to try out The Cheesesteak Shop for dinner since I had a number of Deal Grocer vouchers I bought a while back. I find that vouchers are great ways of trying out a new place, albeit some have proved me wrong. Some waiters/waitresses treat you differently, almost condescendingly, when you inform them you’ll be using vouchers. I hate voucher discrimation! Voucher or no voucher, we are paying customers.


Tribal Print and Ruffles


As you can see here, here, here and more down below, my mild obsession with cut-outs/cold shoulder tops and how flattering they are to those blessed with big arms (for more hugs!) hasn't ended yet.


Red Dots, White Lace and Blue Stripes

As I reviewed these photos, I realized that with everyone celebrating and posting about their 4th of July celebrations, I may have subconsciously taken the color schemes of red, white and blue and came up with this outfit. It sort of resembles the American flag, except for the polka dots and lace...and I'm lacking quite a lot of stars.


Aomori Cafe Boutique

I have visited Northeast Square in Greenhills area a number of times, but Aomori was tucked in corner of the basement, making it hardly noticeable. However, my mom being a self-titled "uzi" (that's her slang for usisero/usisera) who loves checking out every nook and cranny of establishments, stumbled upon it the week before. She was all praise for the brunch sets, saying the price was reasonable and the service was efficient, so we decided to go there for our weekly family lunch date.

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