Aomori Cafe Boutique

I have visited Northeast Square in Greenhills area a number of times, but Aomori was tucked in corner of the basement, making it hardly noticeable. However, my mom being a self-titled "uzi" (that's her slang for usisero/usisera) who loves checking out every nook and cranny of establishments, stumbled upon it the week before. She was all praise for the brunch sets, saying the price was reasonable and the service was efficient, so we decided to go there for our weekly family lunch date.

BUUUT, before the barrage of visual treats, let me insert my casually simple outfit for that day.

 This took a lot of guts and a lot of awkward outtakes before my sister was able to take a decent photo in broad daylight and with random people around.
Neon Yellow Cut-out: Bench
Flared Jeans: American Eagle Outfitters
Bag: NYC Loop
Striped Blue Peeptoe Wedges/Espadrilles: Payless

Dining area slash fancy grocery store Haha!

Open kitchen right beside the dining area.

Freshly baked breads, anyone?

Macarons and cakes! Didn't get to try them though. :(

Salad that came with the platters we ordered. My brother deemed the dressing as a bit too "green" probably pertaining to the strong, herbal taste.  So all the more for my mom!

Aside from the bowls of salad, there were also corn soups that were included in the brunch set. They were really good and creamy, but because of a mild case of hunger-induced amnesia, I forgot to take photos before we dug in. Takaw!

Mushroom Pasta (Approx. php250-290)

Asian Beef Tenderloin with Mushrooms Brunch Set (php398)
 This was the real winner for me. The beef was really tender, juicy and tasty. (Malinamnam!) And it worked really well with the 18-grain rice that had some chewy components mixed in.

Maple Coffee Pork Ribs Brunch Set (php358)
The coffee ribs were a tad too sweet for my liking, but it was cooked really well. The meat was tender and filling and the accompanying roasted garlic was TO-DIE-FOR. Squeeze it from its shell, spread or top it onto the rice and you've got an almost-too-fancy sinangag!

Fruit Platter (php208)
This was my order but I ended up eating about a third of my Dad's Beef Tenderloin and a portion of the Coffee Ribs. Being a pancake and waffle aficionado, I almost always order this when it is available at restaurants so when I spotted this on the menu, I got excited. Unfortunately, this failed my expectations. The waffle was "bready," for lack of a better term. It lacked the usual buttery scent, the slight crunch on the outside and the soft insides. I had to douse it with the syrup just to finish it. And the chocolate syrup in the photo tasted like Hershey's syrup from the bottle. It did not go well with the waffle!

Anyhoo, given that only one dish tanked and the others passed with flying colors, I'd still give Aomori a thumbs-up and a happy recommendation to all of you.

Aomori Cafe Boutique
Basement, Northeast Square, Connecticut st. Greenhills

Belated Bloomer


  1. love your nice and trendy top! and the food looks so yummy!

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  2. you look really pretty! I love how the neon top looks on you :D
    I love your blog! <3


  3. Cute top! Love the purse!


  4. Very cute and casual. The cut outs on this top offer a chic touch to dress up these jeans and the wedge espadrilles. Nice handbag along with a nice necklace.


  5. Oh wow, that looks delicious!!! and I love your neon top!

    xxx Anita

  6. Cute top, love the color and the cutout detailing. And all that food looks amazing!

    1. Thanks Megan! Always had a love for food...hopefully it translates through the photos. :)

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  8. lovely! just lovely!


  9. I love your top, the cut out shoulders are gorgeous!xx

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