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I still laugh at myself over this photo. Can you spell attitude? LOL.


New Gloria Maris Restaurant

A friend recently celebrated his nth birthday at the newly constructed Gloria Maris Restaurant in Greenhills, San Juan. Gloria Maris is pretty much an institution in the Filipino-Chinese community as it has been a consistent delicious-and-fresh-food provider for as long as I can remember. They moved from their old building to this new structure and I took these photos to share with you our experience.


Still Flooding in Manila


Rain is pouring, the roof is leaking, the streets are flooding and my internet connection's a-missing. That pretty much sums up the reason behind my irregular posting these past couple of weeks. Not to mention my recent trip to Shanghai, China with friends.

If you've read or watched the news, the deluge hitting Manila still hasn't stopped and we've experienced a couple of day-long power outtages since the start of the downpour. Power black-outs instigate panic buying of bread, noodles, chips and other food items labeled "Instant." IF, your area enables you to even leave the house. Meanwhile, other people are wet, cold, hungry, helpless and stranded.

We, as a family, have been cleaning closets to see what we could part with because used clothes are going to be sorely needed by those whose only clothes are the shirts on their backs. Our church has also been organizing an outreach and the youth have been packing relief goods since yesterday. If you wish to volunteer, donate or pool resources together, please email me (belatedbloomer@gmail.com) for the contact information.

For international readers, you can visit http://www.redcross.org.ph.

Lastly, please keep Manila in your prayers. Thank you.


Dinner and Drinks at BGC


Redhead, Bluebird and I are enjoying our cups of Jamba Juice!

After two graduations (highschool and college), my friends and I found ourselves busier chasing after careers, further education, managing businesses and countless other things that eat up our time. A couple of my childhood friends have left the country to study abroad and then later on, got married there.

Those that are still here often have conflicting schedules and we find it hard to find a time when everyone's free. Before we know it, months have passed before we get to meet up again. But even if we don't get to see each other as often as we'd like, I find that conversations with true friends always feel like no time has passed. A few minutes to warm-up and we're back to the shared giggles, loud chuckles and belly-hurting laughter of the old days.

Delicious Filipino cuisine at Abe
Friends. Can't live without them.

PS: Photos from my Shanghai trip--SOON! :)

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