New Gloria Maris Restaurant

A friend recently celebrated his nth birthday at the newly constructed Gloria Maris Restaurant in Greenhills, San Juan. Gloria Maris is pretty much an institution in the Filipino-Chinese community as it has been a consistent delicious-and-fresh-food provider for as long as I can remember. They moved from their old building to this new structure and I took these photos to share with you our experience.

Ground Floor Dining Area
Ceiling Lights

Aquariums with fresh seafood.

Live Lobsters
Hallway going to the private rooms.

We were in VIP room 5.
Cold cuts combination platter. Best way to start 'pan to'!

Sweet and oh so-fresh Suahe! I could eat the shrimps with or without the accompanying sauce. A definite must-order.

Adding a dash of Black vinegar takes this up a notch!

Braised Pork Leg
Braised Pork Meat, Steamed Bun (like Cuapao) and a piece of Pechay
Live King Fish topped with Garlic
Peking Duck...YUMMY!
Sweet and Juicy Steamed Crab

Bouncy Ube gelatin and the ever-present Monggo-filled Butchi

A new dessert item - Avocado Soup!

Wacky pose by the happy diners! :)
After the array of mouthwatering and tummy-filling dishes, the verdict remains the same. Gloria Maris Restaurant remains one of the top go-to places for authentic and fresh Chinese dishes!

Belated Bloomer


  1. I'm a vegetarian so most of this doesn't look appetizing - but that soup looks awesome! :) Love the ceiling lights.

    1. The soup was awesome...perfect for that rainy evening. :)

  2. wow this looks amazing!!


  3. This post is so bad for someone in their first trimester! :-o everything looks sooooo good and so bad at the same time! I miss Gloria Maris :-(


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