The Last-Minute Dress

First time in a tube dress. Ever. Hee-hee.

With my sexy sister who's in a long red velvet halter gown.
Ruffled Tube Dress: Forever 21 Plus
Dangling Gold Accessories: CMG
Diamond-patterned Gold Clutch: Mom's :)
Gold Strappy Heels: Naturalizer

Up until a night before the wedding, I still had nothing to wear to a strictly-formal-long-gowns-only event. So my mom and sister went with me to Greenhills, but we quickly realized my dress wouldn't be found there. With two hours left, we drove to Megamall and quickly hopped from store to store looking for a dress that would fit. Luckily, we found a very nice citron gown at Cinderella that made my skin look radiant. I didn't even know they carry select dresses up to 2X! Unfortunately, the cost is also twice the average and I didn't want to spend that much money for a dress that I might only get to wear once.

Good thing, Forever 21 was just around the corner and although my sister was against the idea of looking in there, (Because I take forever inside Forever 21.) I found this flowy dress in the plus size section. I quickly picked on in my size and headed to the dressing room. And I knew when I put it on that this dress and I would make it work! By that time, the lights were getting turned off and other shoppers being refused entry to the store, so I quickly rushed to the register and swiped my credit card to make the dress mine.

And that is how I found my last-minute dress with barely a minute to spare.

Have you ever had to do desperate last-minute shopping for an event? How did you manage?

Belated Bloomer


  1. It takes confidence to wear a tube top or a tube dress. So I applaud your courage to wear this dress. Having said this... you (as well as your sister) look beautiful. While the dress is beautiful, it is all of the golden accessories that add extra flair and charm to your already lovely looks. You look amazing, Abi.


  2. Love that clutch! xo


    1. Thanks to my mom for that! Thanks Ashleigh!

  3. First time, and you knock it out of the park! Super cute!!!

  4. you look pretty on the dress! I love forever21+ so much. Because they have stylish clothes for plus sized girls with affordable price ;)
    Btw, your accessories are really nice! xx

    1. Yes, the gold accessories really made the outfit. I love Forever 21 too! :)

  5. This dress is so lovely on you. It makes you look so tall! Good job on this last minute purchase!

  6. Just found your blog & happy about it.....love that chic long dress!


  7. Love the design! More tube dresses for you, girl! ;)

  8. Just read this, but thanks Lorna!


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