Taiwan Part 1: Taoyuan Airport, Taipei Main Station, Taipei Zoo

 We took the red-eye flight to Taipei, Taiwan and this is the awesome view that welcomed us minutes before  the plane landed. Our family recently went to there to celebrate my parents' 30th anniversary. They chose Taiwan because it holds special memories for them, having spent their honeymoon there. After three decades together, they're back with grown-up children.

 Beautiful architectural design of the Tao Yuan International Airport. Isn't it grand?

 After catching up on sleep, we were off to a full day of sightseeing. We stayed at the YMCA hotel, which is quite near the Taipei Main Station and very convenient for tourists.

 We had lunch at the Taipei Main Station foodcourt. In Taiwan foodcourts, people share tables. So don't be surprised if a stranger suddenly sits beside you.

 How cute are my parents? They could very well come out in an ad, right?

We took the train to the zoo. You won't be mistaken because you get off at, you got it, Taipei Zoo station.

 And here I am, posing by the signage with stone monkeys, wearing an animal print dress like an overgrown child because we were seeing animals. I wanted to be in theme, okaaay?

 These monkeys were rowdy and entertaining. We were able to see the zookeeper bring out fruits and veggies for their feeding time.

 Here are more monkeys. I mean, people.

Huge owl. I felt intimidated when he started staring me down with those glassy black eyes.

  This Sun bear looked a bit annoyed by the tourist papparazzi.

 Mutant insect! Ruuuun...

 I know it's cliche already, but I never get tired of taking photos of butterflies. They're so beautiful!

 This is a Malayan Tapir. Doesn't his trumpet-y ears remind you of Shrek? :D

 We can't leave the zoo until we see the elephants! This big guy was swinging his trunk and tail back and forth and I imagined him listening to music only he could hear.

Ladies and gentlemen, in a never-before-seen photo, here is the rarest of the endangered pandas! Haha!

Animal Print Dress: H and M
Neon Yellow Jelly Belt: Greenhills
Off-white Sneakers: Hush Puppies

Hope you enjoyed the first part of my Taiwan trip. More photos to come soon. :)

Belated Bloomer


  1. Hapyp30th to your parents. I hope my husband and I will still be very much in love like your folks 3 decades from now. :)

    I love your dress and the touch of neon! :)

    The last photo is super cute!

  2. I wish the same for you and your husband too. :D

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  4. These photos are gorgeous and I am now following you!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  5. Cute! Love your dress and I like that you're wearing realistic shoes on your trip - I hate when bloggers post photos of themselves traveling in 5 in. heels... YEAH RIGHT :D

    1. I know. I would feel like such a phony if I wore heels just for this shot knowing I would be taking them off right after. Who could enjoy sightseeing when your feet are dying? :D

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  7. I love it. You have great blog! <3

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  8. That food looks heavenly and that shot of the city at night is stunning!

  9. oh, it's so wonderful your parents were able to go back there again at a later stage! never been to taipei but enjoying your photos and hope you have an awesome trip :)

    steph / absolutely-fuzzy.com

  10. Oh man it's been SO LONG since I last went to that zoo (I think I was 6? lol)

  11. Abi, I'm revisiting your Taiwan posts, just 'coz. ;)

    1. Hi Aiyo!!! I always appreciate your visits. :D


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