Green ATS in Tagaytay

Because tomorrow's going to be another holiday (whoop-dee-do!), I decided to post about a previous holiday trip I took with friends to Tagaytay. One of the most-visited out-of-town places by locals because of it's colder climate and vicinity to the metro, Tagaytay is also known for a soup dish that is near and dear to Filipinos--the Bulalo. Perfectly located on a cliff overlooking the Taal Lake, Green ATS Restaurant has been my go-to place for the best Bulalo every time I visit.

The Bulalo broth is made from boiling Beef Shanks for hours, until the meat is tender and the soup embodies the beefy flavor. The bone marrow is saved for last as people will usually fight for the right to slurp and scrape the cholesterol-laden content from the bone.


Accessories for Every Size

The truth is I have no outfit to post. It was a case of no photographer while wearing a decent outfit on a day with no time to spare. Meanwhile, to keep you distracted, I'll share a recent shopping haul of accessories that could fit regular/standard and plus-sized wrists and fingers. Yes, folks, even my limbs and phalanges have curves.

 These gold and silver wire braided bangles are awesome finds. They can take you from an edgy outfit to a glamorous evening out. Plus, they're bendable enough to hug around bigger wrists.


Cafe Publico in Greenhills Promenade

Partially hidden on the second level of Greenhills Promenade, one can find Cafe Publico, a quaint restaurant with an warm, inviting, Tuscan-inspired vibe. My friends and I found it perfect for a Sunday lunch meet-up with its offerings of pasta, sandwiches and best of all, gelato.


Jackets, Blazers, and Cardis

With December just around the corner, it finally gets a little cooler in the Philippines! Woot-woot! Due to the very hot and unpredictable rainy months that we have all year, I'll take what I can get and that means donning jackets and layers as soon as I manage to not sweat buckets it's acceptable, because an outfit, no matter how put together, loses the cool factor when you sweat non-stop while in it.

Since we still have limited local options that offer trendy outerwear for the curvy/plus size girls, I just decided to show off my window shopping picks from Forever 21+. While admittedly, F21 don't always produce the highest quality items, they also offer these items at affordable prices (you get what you pay for), so you won't hear me complaining.

 Paneled Faux Leather Jacket and Double Zipper Moto Jacket


Taiwan Part 4: Roasted Specialties, Pasalubong, Streetside Roti, Taoyuan International Airport

Here it is, the last installment of our Taiwan trip!
 Our last day in Taipei was spent running around for pasalubong, souvenirs and gifts for friends and officemates. To muster up all that energy, we needed fuel, so off to a good Chinese lunch we went!


Taiwan Part 3: Small Southern Door, Comebuy Milk Tea, Taipei 101

I know we have Beard Papa's here in Manila, but they don't serve these big puffs with crispy thingamajigs on top! Being a total foodie, I ate this before lunch for two days! Totally worth the calories.

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