Minty Sundays


Mint Green Chevron Top: From Shanghai
Khaki/Green Zebra Stripe Bag: Coach
Butterfly Open-toed Nude Flats: Melissa
Silver Accessories: Random Bazaar

What better way to spend a Sunday than with friends of old? I met up with my girls to enjoy some good ol' pasta and cups of gelato at a quaint little place in Greenhills called Cafe Publico. With the laidback setting, I also chose these relaxing colors and pain-free flats to reflect my agenda (or lack of) for the day.

A few years back, as my friends would attest, I only wore tops and jeans all the time. Partner that with a pair of comfortable shoes and I was good to go. I was really embarrassed to dress up, afraid that people would stare, snicker or laugh behind my back. Even when people would pay me compliments, I would brush it off thinking it was insincere or a pity remark for a fat girl. For someone who was bubbly and talkative and seemingly full of light, I secretly dwelt with all these demons.

Looking at our photos now, I realize how inane and debilitating my attitude was. I was my worst enemy, my biggest bully. I know I'm not alone in this, especially when one grows up in a society of petite, skinny women who even in their thin frames think that they're fat. So I hope by showing how one can dress and walk in confidence, I can be of help to someone out there.

Belated Bloomer


  1. Normally, I am not fond of flat or low-heel open-toe or peep-toe shoes. I think the look is one of elegance, and it is better shown with high-heel or platform high-heel shoes. That said- those open-toe flats are as cute as your smile. Very nice looks by you. Are those shorts or a skirt to go with this green chevron top?


  2. You are so lovely lady... no reason to put yourself down!!!

    1. Thank you for that extra boost of confidence! Hugs!

  3. Lovely outfit! I love your top!
    Thank you for visiting my blog :)


  4. what a great post! i think a lot of women are their own worst enemy, unfortunately. i'm glad you stepped out of your comfort zone and decided you liked it...you look gorgeous. i love your top!

    1. Took me quite a long time though. :) Thanks dear!

  5. Great post - and we are definitely our biggest critics!! You look gorgeous :)

  6. Cute look - I love the colour and pattern of your top. And, your earrings are gorgeous!

    Kate xo petite-adventures.blogspot.ca

  7. great outfit!!! i follow you now ;)
    i would love to follow me back because love your blog!!
    kisses pretty

  8. Girlfriend, you are beautiful- this was a really touching post, considering I've also gone through moments when I'm unhappy with my body. I'm glad you're in a better place now! Chic sandals...

    xo Carlina

  9. Your shoes look like candies! So cute.

    Gotta lvoe chevron stripes too. ^_^


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