Magnolia Flavor House, Robinson's Magnolia

Magnolia House was what many of my childhood dreams were made of. My weekly order was a plate of hot grilled cheese sandwich, brushed with butter for a perfectly satisfying bite. Dessert was always  composed of scoops of strawberry and vanilla ice cream faces with raisins for eyes, topped with inverted sugar cones for hats and then drizzled generously with sweet, sticky strawberry syrup.

For those in the know (a.k.a. older generation), the Magnolia House was an institution that rewarded the good children with melty desserts after dinner and fond times with family and friends. I was one of those who mourned when it finally closed its doors a few years ago.

So imagine my glee when I found out that the Magnolia Flavor House has been resurrected! It is now located at Robinson's Magnolia in New Manila, Quezon City. Standing in the center of the mini-park, it is a glorious sight that promises of sweet, sweet desserts and new memories to be made.

I guess I wasn't the only one anticipating of its opening. It was almost a full house with tables of dating couples, young parents and their children, senior citizens and groups of teenagers. I can just imagine young parents introducing Magnolia Flavor House to their children, a new generation of little sweet-toothed customers.

Apart from desserts, the new Magnolia Flavor House also had its offerings of savory dishes. Their Buffalo Wings (php260) were on the sweet rather than the hot and tangy side, so it is more kid-friendly. We were approached the  manager who asked whether we preferred the sour cream or blue cheese dip. I liked the latter.

Good ol' mac and cheese (php210) with crispy bacon toppings. It comes to the table hot, forming strings of cheese when you take a serving. Mmmm...

The Four Cheese Pizza (php290) was had a crispy, thin crust that I liked. The cheese topping was quite salty for me though, but cheese aficionados like my sister would love this, especially when eaten with drops of Tabasco.

Three scoops of vanilla, chocolate and another vanilla, sprinkled with mini marshmallows and topped with three bite-size pieces of fudgy brownies. You know how some brownies are so fudgy and chocolatey, they make you wish you had a glass of milk every time you take a bite? These were the kind of brownies that also  made me glad I had ice cream to eat it with. This might not be the plate of clown ice cream I used to eat when I was little, but this grown-up specialty still pleases the kid in me.

The Belated Bloomer

Magnolia Flavor House
Upper Ground Floor, Robinson's Magnolia
Aurora Blvd., New Manila, Queson City


  1. looks like a nice place. It is always nice to see something you used to love coming back to life again, isn't it. Have a nice day:)

  2. No more fried chicken?! :-o Noooooo

  3. looking forward to trying out their hot dishes like that buffalo wings and mac n cheese :)

  4. You're making me hungry - that mac n cheese looks amazingggg

  5. sounds so good!! I'm drooling over that 4 cheese pizza!

  6. That mac and cheese is making me drool, it looks sooo delicious!


  7. This place looks awesome. I actually think this is the second time I've heard of it, even though this isn't anywhere near my part of the world.

  8. What a yummy post!!!
    Interesting blog!
    How about following each other?
    If so, follow me and I will follow you back for sure!


  9. The mac n cheese has got me drooling!!

  10. I love how they incorporated na merienda food and more in their selection! ♥ Super trip down memory lane tong Magnolia house. My dad used to take me noong Magnolia factory pa nandito and super liit ko pa :) Glad they decided to keep it! :)

    The Misty Mom

  11. These food look absolutely delicious.

    Following you now too thanks for visiting and come again soon.

    <3 Marina

  12. I have memories of the Magnolia House too!!! Aka Older generation din ako. heehee... I didn't know that they reopened in Robinsons. I MUST go with my fiance even though I'm already on my bridal diet! heehee

    I have some new posts too... hope you can visit me again! http://www.mariaatienza.weebly.com

  13. hi! i'm a magnolia kid too! ;) and i'm sooo dragging my hubby to go to this ice cream parlor/resto soon. thanks for the heads-up!


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