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This has touched me in ways I cannot even explain. I was reminded by how much of my insecurities stem from insensitive remarks made by classmates, family members, friends and sometimes random strangers and how much I allowed my perspective to be changed because of them.

I see in these women how society's perceptions or standards of beauty shaped how they saw themselves. Sadly, it molded their self-image negatively, highlighting what may seem too small, too big, too long, too pronounced, instead of making them appreciate that these so-called flaws make up an incredible human being. I am so much like them that I could see how I am my worst critic instead of my greatest ally.

We need to change, to be more open, more loving and kinder to ourselves. Would you say to strangers what you tell yourself at your weakest hours?

Watch. And feel your heart strings get tugged.

The Belated Bloomer

PS: I'm not paid by Dove for this post. I just knew that I wasn't the only one who needs to wake up and change.


  1. Ah, a friend of mine just posted this on facebook as well. Definitely made me shed a tear or two. It's so easy to get caught up in our own imperfections and can feel so startling when we realize that others are quicker to see our beauty than we are- so we should give ourselves a break! xo



  2. Awww I haven't seen this before, but wow it really does make you think. Thanks for sharing this, it really did pull at my heart strings and made me think how i need to stop being so hard on myself.


    1. True, we really need to be nicer to ourselves. :)

  3. I really did enjoy this commercial! It was very touching.

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  4. I saw this video earlier today and it definitely touched me. I even got teary eyed watching it. Such a powerful message.

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  5. so many people are mad at this campaign because they think it is telling women to base their worth on their looks. i think that is just one aspect of feeling good about yourself, and in my opinion, it never hurts to tell someone they are beautiful!

    1. I think we shouldn't base our value on looks alone, but we cannot deny that looks form an integral part of who we are.

  6. I saw this video and found it very touching; I tend to think that overall I feel good about myself but seeing this, I couldn't help but wonder how I would have turned out if I had described myself, versus having someone else describe me... and I suspect the the results would be quite different. We all really need to learn to go easier on ourselves!

  7. i left a long comment on this yesterday and it didn't go through for some reason. anyways, the short of it is that i love this campaign, and i think there is never anything wrong with telling a woman she is beautiful (inside and out).

    1. Found the comment in the spam section of blogger. I'm not sure why it went there but it's posted now. :)

      And I doubly agree. Nothing wrong with telling someone, man or woman, that they are beautiful.

  8. i love it!


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