Korea: Blue House, Gyeongbok Palace, National Folk Museum, Chicken Ginseng, Hanbok

This installment is all about our super jam-packed 4th day spent in Seoul, South Korea. Click for mooore!

  The Presidential Blue House of South Korea

 Walking distance from the Blue House is the Gyeongbok Palace with its array of surrounding ponds and pavillions. 

 A trip to a historical place wouldn't be complete without the obligatory jump shot, right?

Next up...

I learned that Koreans celebrate an elder's 60th birthday with a bang! The reason they say is because, in ancient times, it is already considered a big blessing to have lived such a long life.

A model of a Korean royal vessel.

This is the Hanbok, a colorful Korean traditional costume.

After all that walking and jumping, I was hungry for lunch! We got to try an authentic bowl of Ginseng Chicken Soup. It tastes homemade, like those that I crave when I'm feeling under the weather.

After stuffing my face until I couldn't eat another bite, we headed to a cultural center to make Kimchi and take photos in traditional Hanbok!

The finished product -  Abi's HANDMADE Kimchi! Want to try some?

You know that saying, "The family that travels together, takes silly photos together?" No? Well, you can quote me on that. :)

'Til the next travel post that includes the famous Seoul Tower and Teddy Bear Museum! Promise, it's the last one!

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The Belated Bloomer


  1. the Hanbok family photo looks wonderful!

    1. Thanks! I had that in my Korean to-do list! LOL

  2. Love the traditional costumes! So colorful. This post makes me want to travel :)

  3. Your pictures look great and it really looks like your having a great time there. Wow you guys made kimchi how fun!


  4. What fun photos! Really looks like you had a great trip. The history, architecture, and food look amazing! xo



  5. Wow, great blog! We're planning to go ther this December. May I ask where were you given the chance to make kimchi? And the Hanboks you were wearing on the photo, did you rent them? :)

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