When Things Go Wrong


This actually happened to me a few days ago. My poor laptop got an unexpected bath from my Starbucks coffee mug. :( Just thought I'd let you know, before someone thinks I've fallen off the edge or something. When one thing goes wrong wrong, I find that other aspects of my life follow suit in a very disorderly manner. The result is total mayhem. (Is this Murphy's law in action?)

Now the 'y' key and number '6' have overrun the whole keyboard so I had to borrow another computer just to type this out. Imagine a blog post that only contains y's and 6's? I got a little freaked out too.

Hoping to have it back in clean and working condition soon!

The Belated Bloomer


Korea: Myeongdong Shopping District, Seoul Tower, Teddy Bear Museum

Seoul Teddy Bear Museum
Here's my once-in-a-lifestime photo opportunity with Prince Charles and Princess Diana bears. I'm not too fond of stuffed toys because my mom gave them away when we were little to avoid sneezing allergies, but (except for the human-sized ones), these bears are adorable!

Click through for the happenings of our last day in Korea!
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