Korea: Myeongdong Shopping District, Seoul Tower, Teddy Bear Museum

Seoul Teddy Bear Museum
Here's my once-in-a-lifestime photo opportunity with Prince Charles and Princess Diana bears. I'm not too fond of stuffed toys because my mom gave them away when we were little to avoid sneezing allergies, but (except for the human-sized ones), these bears are adorable!

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Myeongdong Shopping District, Shopping in Myeongdong
We mustn't leave Korea without shopping in Myeong-dong right? Beauty shops left and right, it's like an amusement park for the makeaholics (totally made that one up)! They even give you free samples just to entice you to enter their stores and shop your wallets hearts out. Sorry I don't have other pictures though. I was too busy shopping! LOL.

Too bad we only had a few hours to spend there before we were whisked off to our next stop. I did manage to buy a few bottles of nail polish, BB cream, facial masks and moisturizers!

And we even got ice cream before we left Myeong-dong! Our tour guide suggested we look for this specific ice cream vendor and we had to scour the alleys, following the trail of people with yay-high treats!

Next up was an uphill trek towards Seoul Tower and the Teddy Bear Museum. This will reveal the lack of exercise in my life. I think this was the toughest walk I've had in months. LOL

My legs were freezing half of the time in these leggings...but I love the print so much, I just had to wear them. Haha!

The view from the top of the road.

All the cuddly teddy bears you could ever want.

They set up these historical scenes where all the characters are teddy bears.

Look, they've even got Teddy K-Pop Stars!

Waiting for you at the end of the museum is a very famous guy I'm sure you already know. :p 
Op-op-op-op Oppa Gangam Style!

A super-speed elevator whipped us up to the top of the Seoul Tower for a view of the city.

Too bad it was an overcast day. Still quite breathtaking though. :)

And here is the final parting shot with our tour guides before we boarded the airplane.

I loved Korea. My family and friends really had a great time with the food and the experience, especially being blessed with our super accommodating tour guides. I find that oftentimes, the attitude of the tour guide can make or break a trip. Having said that, I think Korea's definitely worth another visit! :D

The Belated Bloomer


  1. Korea!! Did you go to Everland too? Hubby wants to take me and our daughters there sometime in the future. Hmm.. the Bear Museum is interesting huh! :)

    Mrs. Kolca


    1. Yes! Read my previous post about it! Haha! We didn't get to try out majority of the rides though... Too much people!

  2. Wow!!!!! The bear's wearing little hanbok are soo cute. ^^


  3. The Bear Museum!!! Now I suddenly remember the korean drama, Goong. I envy you for being able to visit Korea na...it's on my bucket list of place to visit with my friends.


    1. It is more fun with friends, but I got the best of both worlds because I went with family and friends!

  4. Lovely pictures! Those pants are gorgeous.


  5. Cute leggings in cold weather = certified tiis ganda moment. That Psy bear is KYOOOOT! Too bad you can't take him home. :D


  6. Ah, the teddy bear museum is so cute! The Psy teddy is hilarious! Fun photos, as always :)



  7. Seems like you had fun! That Psy teddy bear is way too cute!

    xo Jo


  8. Boy bears look fine. But the girl bear in your first photo scares me a little. I think it's the cut of the dress.

    I don't think that Lolo's Chicken and Waffles is owned by Filipinos, but I'm happy to have learned some more!

    7% Solution​

    1. LOL. I get what you mean. Huge bears can be a little creepy too.

  9. That museum is sooo cute! I wish I could visit it someday! :)

  10. Korean ice cream yummy!
    looks like you had so much fun at the bear museum :)
    will recommend it to my friends :)


    1. Oh yes. One of the things I really enjoyed in the trip was the ice cream.

  11. The life-sized bears, the tall ice creams... and damn, those bears!!! I wish I had them all, I have my own collection as well. :P


  12. That ice cream is so tall! I want some!! :)

  13. Looks like so much fun! Love the first picture.

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  14. cute pictures! what a fun museum to go to!

  15. Looked like you had so much fun! Nice photos.. :)
    I hope VISA application gets approved, if ever. I know of some friends who got rejected. huhu


    1. I know the feeling of suspense while waiting for the Visa approval. Good luck Venus!

  16. Your pictures are great and it looks like you had such a great time. The teddy bear museum looks so cute! Plus those leggings are super cute, I love the print and the colors of it.


  17. I wanna go and see the teddy bears! :D

    I love your leggings, btw.

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