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Cream Chiffon Lace Top: Dorothy Perkins
Beige and Black Bodycon Skirt: Forever 21
Gold and White Accessories: Bazaar
Watch: Mango
Rose Gold Purse: Style and Co.
Tan Open-toed Pumps: Payless

I was surprised when I was asked this question quite recently, "How did you become so confident?" I couldn't believe my ears, because I used to aim the very same question at other girls who could sashay in clothes I couldn't only dream about wearing. Truth be told, I didn't wake up and suddenly realized I was beautiful. Heck, there are some days I still feel like *bleep*. But I continue to work at changing my self-image by being kind to myself, even during those bad days.

I choose to look at the parts I can appreciate about my body and start from there. What do you find attractive? Maybe you have a head of nice hair, a bright smile, long lashes, dainty fingers, strong legs - choose one part and be thankful for it. You don't even have to love it at first. You just have to give yourself a chance to be liked, and then to be loved for who you really are. Just listen to that tiny voice that says "Not bad, not bad at all...", and believe in it amidst all the noise.

Take it a day at a time, then a week, and slowly build a strong and loving foundation for your self. It will not be easy. Some people will see you changing and stop you from leaving your comfort zone. Others will plant seeds of doubt in your head, water it with their judgement and discourage you from shedding old beliefs. Some days, it will feel like a losing battle, but you have to keep moving forward.

People treat us the way we treat ourselves and at the extent by which we allow, so choose to love and respect yourself. Don't ever give anyone the permission to bring you down.

The Belated Bloomer


  1. What a beautiful post - Not just the pictures (which are gorgeous by the way - your skirt is so chic and your top is beautiful!), but what you say about appreciating yourself and loving your body. This is truly a message that should resonate with everyone! Everyone should feel comfortable with their bodies :]

    Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving your lovely comment and I'm glad to meet another lover of The Alchemist. I love your blog and I'm actually following you on Bloglovin now. I hope that you'll do the same so we can stay connected. I look forward to reading your posts :]

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

  2. Very well said! or written rather... :) Also I love this outfit, it is so elegant looking!


  3. What a positive, inspiring post! Love your outfit here; the stripes are great and the lace top is beautiful! xo



  4. Thanks for this post, I need these beautiful and inspiring words.

    Liking your lace top, looks so romantic :)


    1. We all need to hear/read these words every once in a while right? :)

  5. I've noted the new layout. Very nice! Or maybe the layout was changed not too long ago and just noticed it. Anyhow, let's talk fashion (and how awesome you are)! I think this top is very charming with the details on the shoulders. The striped skirt is very nice, and the peep-toe pumps are equally stylish. Seems like a cloudy (and maybe even a wet) day in these pictures; however, your looks here are bright and beautiful sunshine even if the weather is anything but. And one last thing... you are and always will be *bleeping* awesome. :)

    One last other thing- your inspirational words are very true. Great insight.


    1. You're always the first to note the changes! :D And yes, we've been having dark, rainy days here in Manila.

  6. Fabulous outfit. You look really pretty!


  7. looking gorgeous as ever! love the lacy top.

    i also, still, do have those moments when i feel insecure about something. but then i count the many reasons why i think i'm beautiful and it helps... it does :)


  8. You are lovely! The top is so dainty and romantic.:)
    Such amazing words. Maybe your right. Maybe I should start loving parts of me,then eventually my whole self. Maybe then my confidence would bloom,too.

  9. I love your bodycon skirt , Sexyness that made you more pretty.^^

  10. Once again, great words to be putting out there for others to read and internalize themselves. I also love the lace and stripes combo.

    You should know though that there seems to be something hiccupping with your blog, I think. I can see the whole post if I click the title, but on the main page there is only one picture and NO jump-cut lines. It made it a little confusing, especially for getting to your giveaway post. Just so you know...

    1. Oh, I think that glitch has something to do with my Linkwithin widget. Thanks for bringing it to my attention, Kristian!

  11. I love your last paragraph- people treat us the way we treat ourselves, so true!! You always write the most motivational posts :) and you look gawgeous in this outfit- i love the lacy top with the stripes. So pretty!

    xo marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  12. What a great post Abi, I can totally relate to it because I'm slowly loving myself more but of coarse it takes time and there are absolutely days were its hard but you gotta push through. I love your advice on taking one thing that you like about yourself as a start and keep going from there. Your outfit is beautiful by the way, the top is so pretty and I love the sleeve detail on it! :)


  13. I always love the advice you give. So many people can learn to love themselves just from your blog :). That being said, that lace top is gorgeous. The sleeves really make the top!



    Southern (California) Belle

    1. That's what I hope to do. :) Thanks Ashley!

  14. Totally agree! And you look SO beautiful, I love this outfit on you!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  15. Blogging has actually helped me feel more confident about myself. I'm not talking about the "you look great" comments, but it's made me realize that hey, I'm Normal, and that's perfectly fine.

    You look great in that striped skirt!

    1. "I'm Normal, and that's perfectly fine." Couldn't agree more.

  16. Ohhhh those legs.... I am envious... :-) as always, you look super classy... And this post is inspiring especially to those who are struggling to have some
    Confidence... Cheers to confidence!!!!


  17. Amen to everything you said, Abi! I'am always inspired by women like you who is very comfortable and verbal on body acceptance struggles. Keep it up!

    Gorge outfit, classy and chic!


  18. ". Some people will see you changing and stop you from leaving your comfort zone. Others will plant seeds of doubt in your head, water it with their judgement and discourage you from shedding old beliefs. Some days, it will feel like a losing battle, but you have to keep moving forward." - AMEN!

    I'm glad that you love yourself and with what you have. It's a shame that some people out there that could not live the way they want to live because they are repressed by the people around them. I hate, hate so much when people tell us not to wear this, not to do that because it's too daring or bold. But you know *bleep* them, they are just coward and so they try to pull us down and prevent us from reaching our potential so we could live on the same ground as them.

    ugh. Thanks. I love your post. Keep it coming. Keep showing people that we are beautiful just as we are.

    Leah @ Curiousweekends

    1. True! I appreciate the thoughtful comment, Leah. :)

  19. You are seriously inspiring. You have such style and wisdom -- beautiful inside and out. I hope when I raise daughters I can fill them with such self confidence as you have. <3

    also, LOVE that outfit!



  20. inspiring :) keep it up, girl! by the way, i gave you an award, hope you could pass it soon. thanks

  21. your confidence really shines through in your pictures and posts
    so inspiring!


  22. confidence is pretty rare these days and with all the pressure we get from the media on what is pretty and what is not.. haaaay!! great pictures and i love the outfit =)



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