Black Mesh Peplum Top with Gold Collar: Dorothy Perkins
Red Wide-Legged Pants: United Colors of Benetton
Black Laced-up Booties: SM Parisian Plus
Vintage Leather Black Bag: Mom's Hand-me-down :)

This weekend, we celebrated a double birthday celebration for my mom and my brother. That also meant having to wear red again (Why do Chinese folks wear red on special occasions?). Since I’ve worn every piece of red top I owned, I decided to cheat switch it up and wear wide-legged red pants instead. Don't mind the wrinkles, it's linen. Hey, at least I still looked coordinated with everybody in our table. :)

Anyway, now that my month-long shopping hiatus is over, and it’s perfectly timed for the onset of the “ber” months, I need to start prepping for Christmas! You heard it right! In the Philippines, once September rolls along, we start hearing Christmas carols, seeing decors all around and getting a major shopping itch. This year, I’ve decided to shop online (Did you know Zalora has a Christmas Bazaar?) to save time in finding the right present for every person on my list. Window shopping online is actually a semi-bad habit of mine because I love browsing through pretty things without having to leave the comforts of my room. Lazy bum. Hehe.

Where are you planning to shop for these upcoming holidays? Any bazaars or seasonal shops that you frequent from year to year?

The Belated Bloomer

PS: Don’t forget to include me on your list! LOL!


  1. This is great-looking style from you, Abi. You are dressed stylishly here. The pants are very nice and really stand out with that bold color. Looking great! Abi awesomeness.


  2. Gorgeous top and pants! I love the loose slouch look on you. :D

    Meh, I'm a thrift shopper myself. My family knows they're getting something quirky from me. ;)



  3. It is very interesting that Chinese like wearing red on special occassions and frankly I didn't have much respect on it until I lived in Dalian, China over a year and tried one for myself to please a boss for a raise (kidding!). And I think beyond the color, much like native Filipinos it is the bonding and memories shared in an eventful day really matters.

    As always, you look amazing on that outfit!

    PS. Glad your shopping hiatus is over, now can we be shopping buddies? Lol.


  4. Love the pants! Haven't tried wearing colored pants yet. Oh and happy bday to your mom and brother! :)


  5. Love this - especially the pants! It makes such a statement while still being classic! And I los LOVE your shoes!

  6. I really like the red pants, very nice! I can't wear linen, the crotch wrinkles drive me nuts. But I think I will try the colored pant trend in a different fabric. Hope I pull it off looking as chic as you.

    1. Haha! The wrinkles did made me think twice, but the COLOR won me over. :)

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  8. I love your red pants! Thanks for showing it to us. I guess it's time to pick up some Benetton!

  9. Boy I love your top. It matches ze bangles! :)

  10. Very cute outfit Abi, I love the peplum top and it goes well with your pants! Oh how I love how they celebrate Christmas in the Philippines so early. I wish we had bazaars here in the states, I'm sure you find great things at them! I wish I went to one when I lived in the Philippines, I always saw signs for them but I never knew about bazaars till I started following bloggers from the Philippines. Now I regret not going to one when I was there. Oh well, when you go please take pictures, I would love to see how bazaars are and show us the great things you find! :)


    1. I looove Christmas bazaars! :D That being said, I will try and take photos when I go! Usually it's hard to take photos because of the number of shoppers around you but I'll try. :)

  11. I love red and black together, such a classic and chic combo. You look so pretty!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  12. I am so excited every time BER months come along and I really enjoy shopping for my loved ones. I like your top and your vintage bag :)

  13. I really like your top sis.. really nice on you.


  14. I love it when you wear peplum tops, you always look so wonderful in them! The last couple who owned our house were Chinese and our front doors and our bathroom cabinet are both painted red. It's good luck, right? Hope you're having a wonderful weekend!



    Southern (California) Belle

  15. I love your embellished top....& I'm totally missing the longest Christmas season in the whole world!!!


    1. Almost half of the year, it's Christmas in the Philippines! :)

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