Hear Me Roar


Gray Pullover with Gold Foil Tiger Print : Random Stall at 168 Mall 
(And no, don't go there this Christmas season unless you want to risk a horrible death by people squashing.)
Metallic Gold Skirt: H & M
Lace Up Cutout Wedges: SM Parisian Plus

Are you familiar with the saying, "Less talk, less mistake?" Well, I recently had to be schooled with this life lesson. Sometimes, we need fewer words to communicate. A lot of times, we need to edit, revise or paraphrase to get our point across in the way we meant it to and not be taken as something else. Wars have probably begun with a few wrongfully chosen words that escalated into full blown hostilities. In my case, what was meant for an inside joke turned out to be a insensitive and totally inappropriate message for the occasion.

I won't dwell on the details, but let me leave you with a piece of advice. If you do say the wrong thing, reveal what wasn't meant to be, or forgot to bring your tact with you, apologize. A lot of relationships can be saved with the words, "I'm sorry."

And if ever you want to make a statement but don't have the words to use, your clothes can say it for you. ;)

The Belated Bloomer


  1. yet another great look. :) Love that tiger print. :)

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  2. Nice skirt along with the cut-out sandals. The top is very nice as well. You made a statement for sure here, and I'm sure everyone got the message about your lovely looks here.


  3. Love the sweatshirt! Cool shoes too :)



    1. Grabbed it as I saw it. Haha! :) Thanks Jen!

  4. Super cute outfit Abi! And great advice because I know sometimes I say things that might be taken in the wrong way and I feel to proud to say sorry sometimes. But then you remind me that saying that we should really say sorry! :) I hope everythings ok with you! :)


  5. true thoughts, Madam. When I was younger I had a terribly hard time saying "I'm sorry" because I thought it conveyed weakness. I grew up in a house where we fought a lot but things didn't get better. Then I met my husband who taught me how to apologize because a relationship is worth it.

    your outfit is wonderful. I love all the tones. :D



    1. We hardly ever said sorry to each other too, because we just put conflicts aside and act like they never happened, but things build up. Now, I realize how important it is to hear and feel that someone who offended you is sorry for what they've done so bygones can be bygones.

  6. I love the grey pullover! Looks very versatile. Could be dressed up or dressed down with leggings and flats.

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