Beauty In Me


Gray Peplum Top: Forever 21 Plus
White Bandage Skirt: Random Bazaar
Black and Silver Wedges: Cotton on / Rubi
Vintage Leather Bag: Mom's

I dressed up in a monochromatic outfit, but it doesn't mean I'm feeling somber on this day of hearts. Since I'm not attached to anyone as of yet, I've decided to celebrate this year by loving just me. Here's a poem I wrote about self-love that I hope you can relate to and appreciate.

I have been told
To keep my body under cover
Beneath shapeless fabrics
And loose, baggy layers

I have been told
To keep my legs hid
“Don’t show them those,
Heaven forbid!”

I have been told
To keep my pride low
Stand at the back
Take blow after blow

I have been told
Again and again
The bits that should go
Until nothing remain

But every part
That I ought to amend
Made me who I am
There is nothing to change

Instead I took off
Thick layers of lies
That held back the light
And covered my eyes

Now I can see
With absolute clarity
That the beauty I seek
Was always in Me.

--Abi Chang / The Belated Bloomer

Happy Valentine's Day, everyone! Wishing you all lots of kisses and hugs along the way!


  1. There is plenty of beauty in you. I've known that ever since I first found "The Belated Bloomer." Your peplum top looks great along with the skirt and the wedge sandals. You have awesome style. I like your poem here as well. Abi awesomeness. ;)


  2. We should all use Valentine's Day to remember the people we love and who love us - friends, family, everyone!

  3. Your self-confidence continues to be inspiring. I wish I could bottle up your body image and send to girls everyone, encouraging them to love what they got and be kind to others about it. It's just wonderful. :)



    1. I myself wish I could bottle what I have now and send it back in time, to a pudgy girl in her tweens, so unsure of herself. Thank you for the kind words, A!

  4. What a beautiful poem - I actually printed it out as a reminder to love myself. You're such a beautiful person and an inspiration to me!
    On a sartorial note, I am absolutely in love with your peplum top - the floral details are so pretty and feminine! You look gorgeous!

    xo Deborah
    Coffee, Prose, and Pretty Clothes

    1. That's fantastic to know! Thank you, Deborah! :D

  5. you look beautiful!
    just stop by, have a nice day!

  6. You are looking so cute!! Loving you,your wonderful outfits:)
    -Merrie K.

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