About Me


I am Filipino by birth, Chinese by heritage.

I was born and raised in Manila, Philippines.

I am an avid reader and a creative writer. (At least my bachelor's degree says so!)

I am a baker and a cook and a lover of things tasty and edible.

I am a reconnected blogger. I was a consistent blogger in my college years (year 2003-2010) but slowly dropped off when I started my first job in the corporate world.

I believe that beauty isn't defined by size, that brain capacity and richness of character cannot be measured by a scale, that being fat doesn't equate to being lazy, that changing the way you see yourself will make you feel better than undergoing a hundred makeovers, that a kind word and sincere gesture is remembered for years and that knowing your worth will save you from unnecessary heartaches.

I am a belated bloomer. But it's better late than never!


  1. Not real sure how I found this blog, but I'm glad to be here and comment on your style. In no way am I any fashion expert. But, I know stylish when I see it; and you have great style. Have yourself a great day/night.


  2. love your blog! ^^ Thank you for adding us in twitter. Lol. More power!

  3. If you don't mind, could you ff my blog?

    Followed yours by the way! :)

  4. Hi Abi,

    It was nice meeting you at Blogopolis. Hope to catch you again at other blogging events. :)

    Following you now.

  5. Hi Miss Abi! I'm really glad to have found yet another Filipino blogger! I've been blog hopping ever since I started blogging and I'm honestly glad to find your blog. :)

    I'm a new reader/follower! Hope to read more of your posts!

    Ella ♥

    1. Hi Ella! :D Glad to see a fellow Filipino here too!

  6. That second to last paragraph is the most beautiful thing I've read all week.

    You're awesome. Keep it up.

  7. Hi,
    I am amazed by your blog and you mental power. You are the kind of girls the world need to make every lady feel confident!!

    Really congratulation, it will be a pleasure for me to follow your blog.

    My name is Marion, my boy is a pinoy and I love your country so much, so I wrote lots of articles about it on my blog if you are interested.(www.shushako.fr). I would be honorate you have a look on it.

    Can't wait for your next article!! You are awesome REALLY!!


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